Optimize Home Depot online sales with our software. Seamlessly integrate CommerceHub and HomeDepot data for easy transaction and event reconciliation

About Numetri:

Numetri is a pioneering data analytics company with a mission to empower ecommerce businesses through technology and software. Our passion lies in turning data into actionable insights, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

The Shpeets Solution:

Our dedication to solving real-world challenges led us to develop 'Shpeets.' This innovative product was born out of a commitment to simplify and enhance the transaction and event reconciliation of Home Depot sellers. By efficiently managing this process, Shpeets not only saves time and resources but also enables our clients to file more intricate and organized claims, ultimately resulting in larger settlements. Shpeets is the game-changing solution you need to navigate the complexities of transaction and event reconciliation with ease and efficiency.